Vibram to give FiveFinger shoes customers refunds

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Shoe manufacturer Vibram USA Inc. has announced that they be offering refunds to buyers in order to settle a class action lawsuit against their Vibram FiveFinger shoe. The shoe is designed to fit the feet of runners very similar to the style of barefoot running.

NBC News reported that the lawsuit alleged that the health benefits claims that had been associated with the product went too far. The lawsuit was filed back in March of 2012.

The lawsuit claimed that the company misrepresented health research that was used to advertise the product. The company claimed the shoes mimiced the popular style of barefoot running. That style of running is known for improving posture, strengthening muscles and reduced injuries. The product retailed for $80-$125.

The company is telling consumers that they can go to fivefingerssettlement.com to file claims and receive their refunds. Once the site is live online, consumers can file claims that will result in $20 and $50 refunds. Customers that bought the product will not have to have proof of purchase unless the buyer is claiming that they bought more than one pair of the barefoot-like shoes.

Vibram has set aside $3.75 million to refund customers, The Washington Post added, but didn't have to admit to any wrongdoing.



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