Viral video: Tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito takes Internet by storm (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

A new viral video either proves that tiny hamsters have great taste or that they will eat anything you put in front of them. A YouTube video team named HelloDenizen has launched a new series on tiny hamsters with an episode that has caused a sensation.

In the first episode of Tiny Hamsters, a cook prepares a super tiny burrito, chopping up all the fillings and using dental tools in order to put the burrito together. Hopefully, the last dentist to use the tools had them sanitized.

HelloDenizen also set up a dining table for the hamster and it is hilarious to see that the hamster actually sits on the chair (made out of Crayola crayon boxes).

Then, the hamster eats up the burrito and it’s adorable. The cook has a couple extras already made and the hamster eats those two without hesitation. The cook is very proud of himself and whips a towel over his shoulder before walking out of the frame.

Since the video was posted on Tuesday, it has gained over 4 million views. HelloDenizen is also asking viewers to tweet #tinyhamsterideas to provide them with some ideas for future episodes.



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