Viral videos shows Mr. G the goat gets depressed when separated from best friend, Jellybean the donkey (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

A video highlighting the prominent friendship between a goat and a donkey has become an internet hit. The video shows Mr. G – the goat – becoming depressed over being separated from Jellybean for six days.

Mr. G wouldn’t eat or go outside in the time he was separated from Jellybean, a burro, and became depressed. The two lived together in dangerous hoarding conditions before Mr. G was taken to Animal Place Sanctuary in Grass Valley, California and Jellybean was taken somewhere else.

According to ABC News, a volunteer at the sanctuary actually drove 14 hours in order to reunite the best buddies after calling Jellybean’s new home to get the greenlight to reunite the two.

When they were reunited, Mr. G started eating and acting like himself again.
Assistant professor of neuroscience in psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, Olivier Berton, confirmed animals can suffer from depression.

“We prefer the term depression-like behavior,” he explained.

Watch the adorable video below:



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