'The Voice' top 5 perform

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Tonight featured the semi-finalists performing for America’s vote to advance in the competition on The Voice, but before the competition got underway, coach Usher took the Voice stage to perform his new single, “Good Kisser.” The performance was complete with some classic Usher dance moves and his smooth vocal range.

Starting off the show was Kristen Merlin who is representing Team Shakira. Merlin dedicated this first performance to her hometown and chose to take on Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead.” Levine commented that his heart is still broken from when Merlin went with Shakira over him but that she deserves to be in the top five of the competition. Shelton added that when Lambert performs that song, she sings it in a different way and that Merlin was smiling during the entire performance and it worked. Usher said simply, it was great. Coach Shakira said that Merlin rocked the stage and that she can come so far as a performer.

Josh Kaufman followed Merlin and put his own unique spin on a song that is currently topping the charts, “All of Me” by John Legend. Shakira started off the comments by saying that Kaufman always manages to deliver really solid performances week after week. Levine added that even though he let Kaufman go, he gives a lot of credit to coach Usher for developing his musical talent. Shelton said that the performance was beautiful and powerful. Coach Usher said that Levine was wise for seeing the talent in Kaufman and that Kaufman is able to touch the hearts of viewers.

Kat Perkins representing Team Adam took on her first pop song on the show, “Chandelier” by Sia. Shelton added that he really thinks that Perkins does everything right when it comes to performances. Shakira added that it was smart that Perkins changed up the song and didn’t try to sound like Sia. Levine closed out of the comments by saying that this show is about singing and Perkins has one of the best voices in this competition.

Jack Worthington from Team Blake took the stage next and dedicated his performance of “Good Old Boys” to his friends back in his hometown. Usher added that he was completely sold on country music with that performance from Worthington. Levine added that Worthington is as real as it gets when it comes to being an artist. Coach Shelton added that he was very proud of that performance and that this is the guy that America thinks he is.

Representing Team Adam, Christina Grimmie performed “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap. Usher said that at the start of the performance he wasn’t connected as much until she started to sing without the added effects. Coach Levine added that he really wanted to do something different on the show and that he really has pushed something new on his team.

Returning to the stage was Josh Kaufman from Team Usher. Kaufman took on One Republic’s new single “Love Runs Out.” Levine could not even get a word in over the crowd cheering for the performance. Shelton added that Kaufman is a natural born killer singer. Usher added that this performance is to show that Kaufman is truly limitless.

Kat Perkins dedicated her last performance to everyone back in her hometown. Perkins took on one of the biggest songs of the year performing “Let It Go” which was featured in the Oscar winning animated film Frozen. Shelton started off the comments by saying that every time that Perkins takes the stage she never makes a mistake and that she also delivers a show stopping moment at the end of her songs. Usher added that “Let It Go” is a very complicated song to sing and that everyone loves that song and that she killed that performance. Shakira said that it was an unexpected pick but that this allowed her to show off another side of her that was very enjoyable. Levine said that it doesn’t get better than this.

For her final performance of the night Kristen Merlin performed “Foolish Games” by Jewel. Shelton started off the comments by saying that is the most connected that he had felt with a performance from Merlin. Usher added that Merlin comes out swinging every time and that this was another great performance from Merlin. Coach Shakira added that Merlin gives people chills, that is what she does.

Christina Grimmie dedicated her hometown performance to her family and sang “Some Nights” by Fun. Shelton started off the comments by saying that performance might have just won The Voice for her. Usher added that this performance helps fans to see what Grimmie will be performing after the show. Shakira added that the performance was be fun and that she is really coming into her own on the show. Coach Adam added that they have also kept in mind what Grimmie wants to do as an artist instead of trying to win over large fan bases in order to win the show.

Closing the show was the last man standing on Team Blake, Jake Worthington, who performed “Heaven” by Bryan Adams. With only a few moments left for coaches comments Shakira opened up the floor by saying that this is something very different from Worthington and that she really enjoyed the performance. Levine added that Worthington went in a more pop direction with this performance and he really enjoyed that change up. Coach Blake added that he is very proud to have Worthington as a team member and that he would share any stage with him, anytime.

The results will be announced Tuesday night on NBC.



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