‘The Voice’ top 8 perform live

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Voice top eight took the stage to battle it out for America’s votes. Before the musical battle could start, Adam Levine’s new blonde hair was commented on by all of the coaches and host Carson Daly. Levine’s hair was trending on Facebook before the show started.

Kicking off the night was Sisaundra Lewis who performed “River Deep, Mountain High” by Tina Turner. Usher kicked off the comments by saying that Lewis really put all of the elements of the song together. Levine added to the comments by saying that the performance was electric. Coach Shelton said that during this competition Lewis is really figuring out who she is as an artist.

Following Lewis was Josh Kaufman, who is the last team member for Team Usher. Kaufman put his own take on “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” The performance brought coach Usher to his feet. Shakira started off the comments by saying that she really felt that the performance was unique and that he really delivered an amazing take on a classic song. Levine said that he has really enjoyed seeing the success of Kaufman. Shelton said that was one of the most perfect performances that he had seen in the past few seasons. Coach Usher said that he didn’t make the song theatrical but instead he made it personal.

Breaking up the performances was Shelton who took the stage to perform “My Eyes,” which featured Gwen Sebastian.

Kat Perkins followed Kaufman and took the stage to perform her own rock inspired version of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams. Usher said that he didn’t have to say much because the audience was screaming with applause following the performance. Shakira added that Perkins is always true to herself and she was very proud of that performance. Coach Adam added that this performance was all Perkins and she knew that she had to go big with this performance and that America should vote for her.

The last remaining member of team Shakira, Kristen Merlin, performed “I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice. Shelton started off the comments by saying that it is a hard and an emotional song that she really performed well and that he is a believer on her team. Usher added that Merlin was really on the right track. Shakira said that she was moved by the performance and Merlin really gave her all during that performance.

Delvin Choice representing Team Adam decided to put his own unique spin on “I Believe I Can Fly,” by R. Kelly. The performance brought the audience to their feet and Shelton started off the comments by saying that the emotion really was made clear during the song. Usher said, “You have never seen a man fly, until you have seen a man cry.” Coach Adam added that this performance represented who Choice was at the right time.

Next up was Audra McLaughlin who is representing Team Blake. McLaughlin took on “Forgive,” which was originally performed by Rebecca Lynn Howard. Shakira started off the remarks by saying that McLaughlin really made the performance seem effortless. Shelton added that she was really able to put her heart into what she was performing.

Before the last two vocalists took the stage, Gwen Stefani took the stage to perform one of her classics, “Hollaback Girl.” Stefani will also be a coach on The Voice next season. Pharrell joined her on stage for the final verse of the song and both new coaches were interviewed about the upcoming season.

Jake Worthington took the stage to sing “Hillbilly Deluxe,” which was originally performed by Brooks & Dunn. Shakira added that it was a very aggressive song and it really worked. Levine added that Worthington is just so cool and casual. Shelton closed the comments by saying that Worthington really introduced himself as an artist tonight.

Christina Grimme closed the show with a cover of Lil Wayne’s “How to Love.” Shelton started off the comments by saying that Grimme really did a great job with the performance. Usher added that he is wondering if Grimme wants to be a hip-hop artist. Shakira added that this performance was huge for Grimme and that her high register is really out of this world. Coach Adam thanked his team member for taking this chance and performing “How to Love.” He concluded by saying there is no other version of that song.

The results will be announced live on NBC Tuesday night.



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