Warner Bros. trying to sell off Ryan Gosling's 'Lost River' after poor reviews at Cannes

By Daniel S Levine,

Ryan Gosling may be a good actor, but his directorial skills were called into question this week after a mixed reaction from Lost River, his first film in the director’s chair. In the aftermath, Warner Bros. is now reportedly trying to sell the project to an independent distributor after having such high hopes for the project.

Deadline reported late Wednesday that Warner Bros. is speaking with independent distributors who may be more suited for the film, which is much smaller than typical Warner Bros. product.

According to Indiewire, Warner Bros. had spent $3 million to acquire the project, which was financed by Bold Films.

It’s still not final that Warner Bros. is going to unload it, but Deadline is positive that the film might be released before the end of 2014. Gosling does have a chance to make some edits and changes before it is finally released.

The studio had reasons for hoping that Lost River (formerly titled How To Catch A Monster), since Gosling has worked with some talented directors in the past. But reviewers noted that he may have thrown in too many influences in the dark film.

Lost River stars Christina Hendricks and Matt Smith. Gosling also wrote the script.



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