Watch the highly controversial scene from Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah' with Russell Crowe (Video)

By Dean Hughes,

This weekend, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky’s production company, Protozoa Pictures, released a widely talked about clip from their most recent film, Noah. It is a visually arresting montage of creation narrated by Russell Crowe’s character Noah.

The controversy comes not simply from the religious nature of the scene (Crowe’s character is espousing direct quotes from Genesis), but from the images it depicts. We see the Big Bang, the formation of the earth, the birth of single-celled life, and subsequent evolution of that life into what is seen today (or, rather, in the film). This scientifically accurate telling of the earth’s history is then followed by a strange, mythical interpretation of the Garden of Eden — with Adam and Eve portrayed as bald, glowing humanoids.

Considering that Noah takes the story of Noah’s Ark at face value as a metaphorical allegory, many religious groups have cried fowl—claiming the film is a misrepresentation of actual events. China, Indonesia, and many other countries have already banned the film from theaters due to its seemingly offensive nature.

Protozoa’s YouTube Channel has disabled any comments on the video, undoubtedly in an attempt to avoid a heated religious debate. Hopefully, this will allow people to count to ten, and appreciate the gorgeous piece of filmmaking Aronofsky has crafted.



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