Wes Welker hands out $100 bills after winning at Kentucky Derby

By Michelle Kapusta,

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker handed out $100 bills to strangers after he hit it big at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

TMZ reported that people at the racetrack said that Welker was in such a great mood after winning that he handed out several $100 bills to people he didn’t know to celebrate his victory. He gave out at least $600 total, before security told him to move along.

USA Today Sports noted that celebrity watchers at the Derby said Welker had a huge stack of money and just started passing it out to people he walked past.

“He just won probably hundreds of thousands of dollars so he just started handing money to people like it was no big thing,” said Jeff Novak, who was at the race.

The receiver’s generosity was also chronicled on Twitter.

Last season, Welker’s salary and signing bonus totaled $6 million, plus he inked a deal with Old Spice.

There is no word on how much he actually won at the Derby, but bystanders said that he was pretty ecstatic as he left the track. And the fact that he gave out money to random strangers was pretty cool.



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