Wes Welker may have to return some of those $100 bills to Churchill Downs

By Daniel S Levine,

Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby, has said that it overpaid Denver Broncos receiver Wes Welker by nearly $15,000. They have asked for Welker to return some of that money, if he has any left.

Welker was so happy about winning thousands of dollars after the Derby on May 3 that he handed out $100 bills to whoever he saw as he left the track. He managed to give out at least $600 before security told him to leave.

Sources for TMZ say that Welker won $57,193.90 after the race and had a friend go to the window to pick up the money. Officials at Churchill Downs said that Welker really shouldn't have made off with that much money and that he was overpaid by $14,858.55 thanks to a tote machine malfunction.

They sent a letter to Welker’s friend and it’s not clear if any of that money was repaid.

According to ESPN, Kentucky gambling regulations say that if a track makes a payout mistake, the patron with the ticket isn’t responsible.

Welker did call into the Dan Patrick Show and told the radio host that he and his friends were too excited about their win to count the money. He said that Churchill Downs could have even underpaid and they wouldn’t have noticed.

Welker didn’t actually win by betting on California Chrome, the horse that won the race. They bet on Commanding Curve, which was a longshot and came in second.

image via Twitter from Jeff Novak



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