What does Memorial Day mean to you?

By Sherley Boursiquot,

Memorial Day is the day we pay homage to those that suffered and died defending this country. Yet, how often do we think about that in the midst of having backyard BBQ’s, family picnics, beach and/or pool parties? We decorate our homes with red, white and blue colors because this is the day where nationalism occur the most.

On this day, almost everyone is waving an American flag and one can never be too patriotic on Memorial Day. Sure these decorations are beautiful and the foods are amazing as well, which must have taken you hours to prepare. Sure, you are spending time with family and friends and enjoying the beautiful and sunny weather. But, what does Memorial Day really mean to you?

People often look forward to this day because of the wonderful festivities, but never do they realize that it is so much more than just celebrating. Men and women have sacrificed their lives for us. Don’t they deserve more than just a can of beer or grilled meat? I am not saying to stay indoors and bore yourself to death, or be miserable.

However, I am suggesting we should show our appreciation not only through celebrations, but by reminding those around us about the men and women who have died for our American flag. These veterans paved the way for a better America.

Additionally, you can also show your appreciation by having a moment of silence and even share inspirational quotes with one another or go around the table and tell each other what it takes to be a hero.

How will you show your appreciation to the men and women who have laid down their lives for us?



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