Will Smith to launch New Year's Eve television special in Miami

By Ricky Yandoli,

Famous rapper turned actor Will Smith is planning on developing a New Year’s Eve special show in Miami this year. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star is trying to create a New Year's Rockin' Eve kind of show that audiences can enjoy. His production company, Overbrook Entertainment, plans on creating the idea along with Smith.

David Beckham plans on helping Smith with this New Year’s Eve special as well. It was announced that a performance by the first ever Grammy Winning rapper may even be in the works, according to the Miami Herald.The film and hip-hop superstar would most likely showcase his classic song Welcome to Miami if this special were to take place. Smith has hosted shows in the past such as the BET Awards in 2005.

Another celebrity also has plans on bringing a show to the hot sun in Miami this year. Worldwide musician Pitbull expressed interest in hosting a show called Pitbull's New Year's Revolution, reported by The Indy Channel.



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