Woman threatens to shoot up a Burger King over stale cinnamon bun

By Victoria Greene,

Authorities in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina are on the search for a woman who threatened to shoot everyone in a Burger King restaurant because her cinnamon bun wasn’t fresh enough.

According to The Mirror, the unidentified woman’s outburst occurred Tuesday when she and at least three friends visited the restaurant. After she received her cinnamon bun, the woman began complaining to workers that the pastry was stale.

A manager attempted to speak to the woman and calm her down, but she left the restaurant.

According to The Post and Courier, the woman did not leave the restaurant for long and when she returned, she let everyone in the establishment know that she had a gun and would indiscriminately shoot employees and customers.

It was only when employees began calling the police that the woman left and did not return.

Authorities are currently searching for the woman. No arrests have been made as of yet.



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