Woman threatens to shoot everyone at restaurant over stale Cinnabon

By Michelle Kapusta,

A woman at a Burger King in South Carolina claimed she did not get a fresh Cinnabon and allegedly threatened to “shoot down the place” over the stale dessert.

According to The Smoking Gun, Andrea Ann McCullough, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with a misdemeanor assault for the incident at the fast-food restaurant.

Authorities said that McCullough entered the eatery around 7:00 p.m. and ordered a Cinnabon, but after receiving the cinnamon roll she complained that it was stale.

WYFF4 reported that witnesses told police that the 33-year-old started to yell at an employee about her order and the employee yelled back. The shouting match between the two continued until McCullough walked out of the eatery and then returned saying that she was going to “shoot down the place.”

When other employees announced that they were calling the police the irate customer and her two friends left the restaurant.

Mount Pleasant officers caught up with her after other patrons were able to provide her license plate number.

McCullough was released after she posted bail on Wednesday.



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