World’s oldest man is 111 and resides in New York

By Michelle Kapusta,

The Guinness World Records has named a 111-year-old New Yorker as the oldest living man.

Earlier this month, Guinness World Records gave Dr. Alexander Imich the title.

Imich was born in 1903 in present-day Poland and has lived in the United States since 1951. He has been a widower since 1986.

The New York Daily News reported that the retired chemist and parapsychologist thanked his good genes and believes that and a general healthy lifestyle have contributed to his longevity.

"Alex is happy with the attention but he's most happy when people recognize that he did a lot of work in the field of parapsychology," his friend Michael Mannion said.

Imich may be the oldest living man, but he is not the oldest living person in the world. Several women are older than him, but he is still the oldest war veteran and oldest person to have a doctorate degree.

Guinness noted that it used the doctor’s birth record, immigration papers and university records to establish his oldest living man status.



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