For $20,000, George R.R. Martin could kill you in the next 'Game of Thrones' book

By Vincent Lia,

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has started a campaign on charity crowdsourcing website Prizeo.com, and those who make contributions of $20,000 will be entered to win to one of two spots to have a character named after them in a future A Song of Fire and Ice novel.

The money for Martin's campaign is going the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and The Food Depot of Santa Fe, and as of Friday afternoon nearly $174,000 of his $200,000 goal has already been raised. "I've always been fond of wolves... direwolves in Westeros, and real wolves in the real world," writes Martin in his statement on the site's campaign page, "US wolf populations hit critical lows during the twentieth century, and finding a way for humans to co-exist with this majestic creatures is an important part of the conservation movement."

Martin is using a site called Prizeo to fund his campaign. Prizeo is a site dedicated to allowing celebrities to raise money for their respective charities of choice, and it functions similar to KickStarter, in that donations can be made in set increments, with each amount offering rewards that increase in value the more that individual users donate. The rewards vary from a thank you e-card for a $25 donation to a signed and dedicated Game of Thrones cookbook for $600 to a chance to have a character named after you for $20,000.

According to the campaign site's contest page,"You can choose your character's station in the world (lordling, knight, peasant, whore, lady, maester, septon, anything) and you will certainly meet a grisly death!"

Here's a video of Martin himself sharing more about his cause.



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