'24: Live Another Day' 4 p.m.-5 p.m. recap

By Matthew Dagen,
Jack Wants Her, Jack Needs Her, Jack Gets Her

The CIA team are pulling themselves out of the rubble after the drone strike. Heller and Prime Minister Davies talk about what to do next. Heller, in the best interests of keeping England as an ally, agrees to bring in the Brits into this situation, including giving them details on the drones, and involving the RAF in searching for them.

Heller asks to speak to Jack, alone. Heller tells Jack that the raid on the estate was a trap and that Margot is still at large. Jack brings back up the arms dealer that’s worked with Margot before. Heller wants to just bring this arms dealer in, but Jack assures him that that won’t work, and even if they bring him in, there won’t be enough time to make him talk.

Heller gets Navarro on the phone to tell him the new plan: Jack is about to do what Jack does best. Jack also tells Navarro that he wants Kate assigned to him, along with his usual walking around items (weapons pack, torture kit, all that good stuff). Navarro is reluctant to reassign Kate, telling the President that she’s not on the roster anymore and is about to head back to Langley. “Jack wants her, Jack needs her, Jack gets her.” Take that, Navarro.

At Margot’s compound, her men are disposing of Naveed’s body when they hear his phone ring. They can’t find it in time to answer it, but Margot listens to the voicemail. It’s Naveed’s sister, Farah, calling about Naveed’s plan to leave London. Margot sends Simone into the city to make sure she cleans up this loose end.

Jack and Kate, with Chloe on the line as well, drive to the arms dealer, Rask. Jack asks Kate if she knows who he is, she does, obviously. Jack’s apparently been working with him for the last two years, undercover, to get information about these attacks that are about to happen. Jack killed another one of Rask’s men, so Jack’s plan to get them in is to set Nils up as the mole and Kate is his CIA contact. Jack knocks out Kate with a drug; his theory is there’s no sense of torturing someone who’s already unconscious.

Davies, untrusting of what’s going on with his American counterpart, has MI5 follow Jack after he left the embassy. The first thing they see is Jack putting a knocked out Kate in the truck of his car, so they follow him from there.

Jack pulls into the warehouse and is immediately met with guns in his face. Rask asks where Jack has been for the last two weeks, accuses him of being the mole in his organization (which we all know is true) and asks where Nils is. Jack answers all pretty swiftly. He killed Nils because he was the mole, and he needed to get the evidence because he knew Rask wouldn’t just take his word. He tells Rask about the CIA contact (Kate) in the trunk and that he knocked her out with a powerful drug. Rask says he has something to counteract the drug. His men take Kate to another room while Rask works to get his money from Jack.

Kate is woken up, then strung up. Reminiscent of all the times Jack did this to bad guys, it’s still not pretty to watch someone get tortured. Kate is sliced with a knife, multiple times, then electrocuted. Belcheck is on a nearby roof ready to kill the torturers, but Chloe says they can’t do anything until Rask uploads the virus via the fake bank information.

Everything seems to be going right for Jack for once. Rask is about to unknowingly upload a virus onto his computer that could lead to Margot’s location, all he has to do is hit enter … but in storm the MI5. Jack takes out as many of Rask’s men as he possibly can, as it really seems like he kills all of them and the MI5 don’t hit a single one. In the middle of the gun fire, Jack makes a break for the computer to hit that enter button to make all of this worth it.

Meanwhile, Kate’s torturers take a slight break when they hear the gunfire. After one of the men leaves, Kate finds some strength to jump up and wrap her legs around the other assailant. She breaks free from the hook holding her up, and once she hits the floor, with the bad guy still locked in his legs, grabs a knife and stabs him to death. The other torturer comes back in, but is met with about four bullets to the chest.

The shooting has all but subsided, but Rask is still alive. Jack yells to the MI5 that he’s working undercover for the President to keep himself out of cuffs. Rask doesn’t seem to like this too much, and grabs a grenade and blows himself, and many others, up.

Jack tells Chloe to look for large money transactions dating a month or so back. She finds a few, all with the same contact number: Simone’s. Chloe begins tracing the number and sees that it’s in the city.

Simone is at her sister-in-law’s for dinner. She can’t bring herself to kill Farah and her daughter. She tells Farah to leave London and tears start falling down her face. Farah, rightfully a little freaked out, gets to call the police. Simone tries to stop her, and “accidentally” stabs her in the chest during the struggle for the phone. Simone’s niece sees her mom die and runs out of the house with Simone in chase. A foot chase through the streets of London ends very badly for one of these ladies. Simone is pancaked by a bus.

Back at the CIA station, Navarro is acting mightily creepy, sneaking through a part of the building where there’s no one in sight. He pulls out his phone, adds some kind of encryption to it, and makes a call. He tells who ever’s on the other end that the evidence against Kate’s husband is in danger of being dug up, and it will be found out that it was planted. The mystery (British) voice tells Navarro that if that happens, there’s no way they can protect him.

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