3D ticket sales rise from last summer

By Brendan Morrow,

Though some audiences are quick to dismiss the format, it seems 3D movies are far from dead at the box office.

According to a news report from Variety, 3D ticket sales for major summer blockbusters have increased this summer, making up a larger percentage of overall tickets sold compared to last summer.

The article cites Godzilla and the new Tom Cruise film, Edge of Tomorrow, both of which made about half of their opening weekend gross from 3D screenings.

That’s an increase on some of last year’s numbers, where World War Z only made about 34% of its total gross from 3D and with The Wolverine coming in at about 30%.

Analyst Eric Wold of Variety suggested this increase could be attributed to the success of Gravity, which made 80% of its gross from 3D and may have convinced audiences in the merits of the format again.

The article also suggests that studios are putting more effort into marketing films as 3D experiences.

This information conflicts speculation earlier in the year that 3D would be down this summer, according to an earlier report from Deadline.



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