50 Cent calls Jay Z overrated

By Kaitlyn Clay,

On Andy Cohen's What What Happens Live this past week, 50 Cent played a game where he was asked to name the most overrated rapper and he replied with Jay Z.

50 Cent is known for always speaking his mind, as are most rappers in the business, but this may not have been the best time seeing as how Jay Z and wife Beyonce are about to start their On The Run Tour and bring in plenty of money. MTV called 50 cent the "master of trolling" due to his inability to bite his tongue time after time. Most rappers find it hard to keep their opinions to themselves, but 50 Cent may have dug himself a hole messing with Jay Z.

HipHopDX seemed to think 50 Cent was just using Jay Z's lyrics against him. In Kanye's song "So Appalled" Jay Z says "I went from favorite to most hated. But would you rather be underpaid or overrated?"

Whether he was quoting him or not, 50 Cent is bound to spark a match he may not be prepared to deal with seeing as how rappers love to throw others in their line of work under the bus for small issues.

image via INFphoto.com



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