6-year-old helps deliver baby sister when her mother goes into early labor

By Amanda Holtzer,

6-year-old Janeicea Armstrong helped deliver her baby sister when her flustered mother went into early labor on Sunday. Janeicea was by her mother’s side as she gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom of their Arizona City home.

Her mother, Canisha Owens, was not due for another two months, and was shocked when she felt labor pains on Sunday morning. She told My Fox Pheonix, “She heard me screaming, so she woke up and came in the bathroom, and we just hugged each other.”

Christian Today reports that Canisha Owens called 911, but was unable to speak to the dispatcher because of the pain. Janeica took the phone, and followed instructions from the operator.

Canisha told My Fox Pheonix, “She talked to them while I was pushing, and before I know it the baby is coming out.”

911 operators told Janeicea to get some string to tie around the baby’s umbilical cord. Unable to find any, Janeicea cut fringe from the pillows on their couch. She and her mother tied the string as they waited for the paramedics.

Paramedics arrived shortly after and rushed the healthy baby girl to the hospital.



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