87th Academy Awards to have new rules

By Aubrie Reichardt,

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences unveiled slight rule changes earlier this week for the 87th Academy Awards. These changes mostly pertain to some small clarifications when it comes to nominee submissions and eligibility.

One of the changes puts a limit on how many actors can be submitted for an eligible film. Each movie can have up to 10 actors and 10 actresses submitted by the studio, according to The Wrap.

There are not many films that would have more than 10 actors or actresses that the academy feels should be nominated. Hopefully, with that being said, this new rule should not upset too many actors and their agents.

The number of producers nominated in the best picture category has also been changed to three. If there is a team of two producers, they will now count as one if the duo meets certain, less strict qualifications, says Variety.

Other categories that underwent rule changes were the animated and documentary features, as well as band nominations. Now, if a band is nominated for best original song, they can use their band name instead of the name of each individual band member.

Along with these modifications, there were other, relatively insignificant ones, but none that will distinctly change the award ceremony.

The 87th Academy Awards will be televised live at the Dolby Theatre by ABC on February 22, 2015.



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