Actor Jason Biggs was upset that he could not breastfeed

By Amanda Stewart,

Jenny Mollen, 35, and Jason Biggs, 36, welcomed their son Sid into the world in February and according to Mollen, Biggs was upset he couldn’t breastfeed.

According to ABC Biggs did a ton of research before their baby was born. Mollen said that he may have been prepared, but she could still do something he couldn’t: breastfeed.

"Jason is a total mom. He was upset that he can’t breastfeed," she told ABC News. "For a while he was like, 'Wait, can’t you pump so that I can give him the bottle?' He's all about it."

Biggs was even a little heartbroken when they had to part ways for work and Mollen took Sid with her.

He was emotional when the baby was born. Biggs is protective and even comments on things like diaper changing and taking breastfeeding photos on social media, according to People.

“I’ve always posted stuff and gotten in trouble,” joked Biggs. “This is my kid. Don’t tell me what’s wrong!” Mollen also has a problem with sharing a little too much, but she says she just doesn’t know how not to share.

The couple can’t get enough of little Sid. Mollen exclaimed, “The minute I had Sid, all I wanted to do was be with him. It’s weird to think about the fact that one day he’s not going to want to live with me.”

Biggs is continuing filming with Orange is the New Black while Mollen is working on a new collection of essays called I Like You Just The Way I Am.

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