Adam Zwig's Sexiest Ways To Chill Out:

By Adam Zwig,

I decided to write a list of sexy ways to chill out because people are so stressed these days. Here are ten time tested methods for decompressing, letting go, and returning to home base.

10. Watch TV with gentle themes while eating ice cream: Lose yourself in another world. Let the images, sounds, and tastes melt your stress away. Studies have shown that watching TV induces low alpha brain wave patterns which produce a relaxed mental state.

9. Eat comfort food: Yummy! Eat it slowly and sensually. Research has shown that eating these kinds of foods reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. Who would have thought?

8. Drink a glass of nice wine: Sip, savior and enjoy. There's a lot of research showing the positive physiological and psychological effects of drinking wine. Scientists even say it can add a few years to your life.

7. Get a massage or take a hot bath: Go for the extreme letting go. Stress often comes from your thoughts turning into crazy windmills. Let go of the windmills and get back into your body.

6. Sit by a river, lake, or ocean: For reasons scientists don't really understand, water has a calming effect on mind and body. It's hard to stress out when you're sitting by the sea. I can relax at the beach even with a family of screaming kids beside me.

5. Listen to some sexy chill out music: Since the dawn of humanity music has been our connection to the other world. Music induces an altered dimension of perception and changes your state of mind. Maybe that's why everyone walks around with earbuds.

4. Work out or swim hard: A vigorous workout resets your mind and body. Swimming is especially relaxing. I once swam so far that I fell asleep for a few seconds in the water, but that's probably taking it too far.

3. Get into a flow state: Your flow happens when you are fully immersed in the present moment in activity that gives you enjoyment. Your mind is totally focused on what you're doing, and there's no room to worry about the past or the future. Even if you're in a high energy state, you're still de-stressing.

2. Have sex or masturbate: Sexuality gets you into your dreaming body and out of your thought loops and irrational worries. It's the universal mind-body-spirit healing activity. It also gets you out of the past and the future and into the present moment, which leads to my number one sexy way to chill out...

1. Meditate: Meditation focuses your awareness on the present moment and offers various techniques for increasing your consciousness. In fact, the other nine chill out methods listed here are really just informal ways of meditating, because they focus your awareness on your sense perceptions in the present moment. But meditation itself can actually change the entire way your mind functions. Ommm…

On his forthcoming EP, "Stones, Bones, and Skin" (Conscious Records) due out August 18, singer-songwriter Adam Zwig channels a hypnotic and harmonious hybrid of Americana, pop, rock, folk and world music over the course of five sparkling tracks.

photography: Travis Shinn

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