Alabama Woman poses as a boy on facebook to find that her niece was plotting to kill her family

By Erica M. Szkola,

An Alabama teen has been taken into custody after her aunt posed as a boy on Facebook and discovered that she wanted her family dead.

Marissa Williams, 19, began living with her aunt in Fosters, Alabama just two months ago, AL.com reports. According the the report, the relationship between Williams and her aunt became strained when Williams began using social media to bring strangers to her aunt’s home.

After the teen blocked her aunt from her Facebook, the aunt created a fictional account under the name “Tre Topdog Ellis,” with the hope to chat with Williams and get more insight as to what her niece was doing online.

Things became intense from the beginning after Williams gave the fictional boy her phone number upon their first interaction. She invited ‘Elis’ over to get drunk and then offered to sleep with him if he paid her $50 phone bill, the Washington Post reported.

Later, Williams told the boy she had never met that she wanted to leave Alabama and that he should kidnap her and kill her family. Frightened, her aunt called authorities who interviewed Williams. The teen admitted the plot to police, but was apologetic and says she didn’t mean for anyone to be killed.

Williams is currently being held on a $30,000 bond.



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