Alabama's Orange Beach closed due to uncommon amount of sharks

By Marcina Zaccaria,

Beaches in Alabama are opened again after sharks have made it impossible to swim at Orange Beach.

Alabama beaches were closed over the weekend. Yellow flags were placed at some beaches to indicate that citizens should proceed with caution. Double red flags were placed at other sections of the beaches to let swimmers know they are not permitted to enter. As of Tuesday, a single red flag was flown to show “the increased potential for rip currents in the area.”

The sharks were something to see, and residents went to the water to feed them fish. This caused an increase in the number of sharks in the water. According to the Inquisitr, Aquatics and Beach Safety Director, Melvin Sheperd, said, “Hopefully once people stop throwing their fish carcasses into the water they [sharks] may not be swimming in such numbers that close to the beach.”

Over 20 sharks were seen near shore from Flora-Bama to the Gulf State Park Pier. On Monday, officials announced that the number of sharks around Perdido Pass has decreased, according to Al.com. By Tuesday, helicopters noted only seven or eight sharks in the area, allowing the beaches to re-open.



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