Alex Trebek Breaks Guinness World Record

By Kaitlyn Clay,

Many people have a guilty pleasure of watching Jeopardy! and watching Alex Trebek handle the contestants along with their answers. Well, now we will have to see how he handles breaking a Guinness World Record for "Most Game Show Episodes Hosted by the Same Presenter."

Most people can't remember a time without this man as a host.Escapist Magazine states that Trebek has hosted 6,892 episodes of Jeopardy! to date.

With this many shows under his belt, people are beginning to wonder when he will retire. In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter Trebek said, "I told audiences and interviewers in the past that I will stick with it as long as I'm having a good time and as long as I feel my skills haven't diminished too much."

At least the consistent viewers of Jeopardy! will have nothing to worry about because it looks like Trebek is around for the long haul.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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