Alysia Montano runs the 800-meter track while eight months pregnant

By Elizabeth Learned,

Yesterday, runners took to the track during the U.S. Track and Field Championships and one of the runners in Sacramento’s 800-meter run was an eight-month pregnant woman and former Olympian.

CBS Los Angeles reported Alysia Montano decided to run in order to make a statement to other women that it was possible to juggle both having a career and having a family. Her father, Eric Johnson reportedly said, “I’m super proud.”

Montano is a former Olympian and she finished her race in 2 minutes and 32.13 seconds. She got plenty of applause and cheers upon making it to the finish line.

An OBGYN with Good Samaritan Hospital, Dr. Francis Chang, spoke about Montano, saying it would be safe for her to enter the competition since her body was used to the physical endurance of the race, although he advised that pregnant women should only exercise at whatever level their body is used to.

The Associated Press reported Montano has been the champion for four years in the 800-meter.

When her doctors gave Montano the encouragement to run during her pregnancy, she said, “That took away any fear of what the outside world might think about a woman running during pregnancy.”

Montano reportedly also said that the pregnancy was planned during an off year so that way, she would be able to compete when the Olympics come in 2016, and so she could also compete in the World Championships.



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