Amanda Longacre, who had Miss Delaware crown revoked, to keep scholarship money

By Kyle Johnson,

Though Amanda Longacre was stripped of her Miss Delaware crown due to her age, she will be allowed to keep the scholarship money awarded to her.

Officials spoke with ABC News and said that, despite no longer being crowned Miss Delaware, they have decided that she will still get to keep the $9,000 in scholarship money she initially won.

As previously reported, Longacre, who is 24, will turn 25 before the end of the year. That violates the contract she signed for the beauty competition.

"When the contract arrived in the national office and her birth day arrived we realized a mistake had been made on behalf of the Delaware pageant," Sam Haskell, Miss America CEO and chairman, said. "I don't know how they missed it and I don't know how she missed it."

Longacre was crowned Miss Delaware 2014 on June 14 and it took two weeks for the error to come to light. Her crown and the scholarship were initially revoked despite the fact that she doesn't turn 25 until after the Miss America competition in September.

"It breaks my heart that she went through all of this but she is not eligible and we have to honor the rules," said Haskell.

In her place, 24-year-old Brittany Lewis, who placed second, was awarded the crown and will be competing in Miss America later this year.



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