American held in North Korea due to a Bible

By Melissa Barclay,

North Korea revealed on Friday that they had detained another American citizen who was visiting the country.

The North Korean government does not tolerate those who they believe are trying to overthrow the government. Religious freedom is also not tolerated, even when the person is not from the country.

Jeffrey Edward was detained by North Korea for reportedly leaving a Bible in his hotel room, ABC News says.

According to sources in North Korea, Edward was leaving the country when he was detained. North Korean officials said that Edward was engaging in activities that were against the country’s laws.

However, news sources in the country said it was because he left behind a Bible in the hotel room where he stayed.

North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is known for sending those who seemingly go against their laws to labor camps.

Kenneth Bae, a South Korean with U.S. citizenship, has been detained in North Korea for the past 19 months.

According to the The Seattle Times, Bae was convicted of attempting to overthrow the government. As a result, North Korean authorities arrested him and sentenced him to 15 years of hard labor at one of North Korea’s labor camps.

North Korea is currently holding three American citizens, including Bae, and has largely ignored calls from the United States to arrange their release and transfer.



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