Apple's new iWatch being tested by Kobe Bryant

By Mihir Shah,

Rumor has it that Apple's new iWatch is being tested by none other than Kobe Bryant, an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to CNET, Bryant is one of several athletes to have been testing Apple's new product that has not launched yet. According to the rumored source, Bryant was spotted in Apple's campus in Cupertino, where he met Jony Ive, the Head of Design at Apple.

Image via Facebook from Kobe Bryant

Reuters accounts that Apple would expect to ship 50 million units in their first year of launching this product. They also mention that this device was kept hidden from the public, and they did so by recruiting a secret development "dream team."

The secret is out now, and the device is rumored to have 10 sensors that monitor vitals, which might be in multiple sizes for different people. This also means that the iWatch is targeted toward aiding health, sports, and athletics. This concept is reassured with the thought of Bryant as one of Apple's product testers.



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