Ariana Grande tweets support for grandfather beating cancer

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Ariana Grande recently took to Twitter to announce that her 90-year-old grandfather beat his malignant cancer. The post went out on June 6, also explaining that her grandfather is currently keeping all other cancer cells "at bay."

Entertainment Wise reported that the 20-year-old singer went on a series of tweets that explained what her grandfather had been going through medically and that she was very proud of him.

One tweet read, “kidneys fully functioning, liver fully functioning, cancer is at bay & the malignant cancer is GONE. my 90 y/o grandpa is a f***ing hero." Grande went on to express how much she loved her grandfather and that "he is an inspiration and a fighter."

Grande has always been known for her positivity and inspiration and these social media posts about family are further proof of that.

Along with spending time with her family, Billboard reported that Grande is continuing her success on the charts with her latest single, "Problem."

Image via INFPhoto.com



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