Arizona couple arrested for abusing adopted daughters

By Kyle Johnson,

A Peoria, Arizona couple were arrested on suspicion of child abuse after a Child Protective Services visit discovered that their two adopted daughters appeared to be quite malnourished.

The couple, Johan Glenn Jorg and Kimery Lynn Jorg, underfed the two girls, ages 11 and 12, while forcing them to sleep outside either in just a diaper or nothing at all, reports The Associated Press. If the two girls got into trouble, the Jorgs would subject them to memorizing Bible verses or running for an hour, on top of repeated paddling.

In a police statement, officials said that the 13-year-old appeared to likely have been beaten often and also might have only weighed about 60 pounds.

Both girls were sent to the hospital for severe malnourishment and the elder girl was compared to that of a "concentration camp survivor," according to KPHO. She said that she was fed oatmeal, prunes, crackers and grits with salsa.

The Jorgs claimed the punishments were for lying or stealing, but were unable to provide any specific examples to the police.

They are each currently being held on a $100,000 bond and are not allowed to see or meet with their children or any minor. The Jorgs also were said to have two other children, 8 and 7, living on the property, but officials say that they were well treated.

A neighbor, Jodi Brackett, said the Jorgs rarely let the two older girls out that she said, "I kept forgetting they had two other girls."



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