Arizona man chokes girlfriend for cooking meal too slowly

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Kingman, Arizona man was arrested after he allegedly threatened, beat and ultimately choked his girlfriend for cooking dinner too slowly.

According to CBS5, Dustin Eric Green was arrested for allegedly beating and choking his girlfriend on Saturday evening because she did not have his dinner ready on time.

The Mohave County Sheriff's Office news release stated that his 22-year-old girlfriend told investigators about Green’s alleged violence against her. She said that he split her eye open and threatened to beat her with a rubber mallet before wrapping his hands around her neck.

She alleged that she could barely breathe and feared for her life so she stabbed him in the leg. The unidentified victim said that he responded to that by smacking her in the back of the head.

ABC15 reported that police arrived at the home around 6 p.m. and found that Green had two warrants out for violation of his probation and failure to pay fines at two different courts.

The 27-year-old was treated at a local medical center for his injuries and then transported to jail where he was booked on suspicion for felony aggravated assault and the two active warrants.



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