Arizona woman finds razor blade in Burger King salad

By Michelle Kapusta,

An Arizona woman said she found a razor blade in her Burger King chicken salad.

According to KTVK, Jennifer Ashley, of Flagstaff, took a picture of the sharp object and then informed the restaurant manager about what she had just found in her meal.

"It was actually in my salad," Ashley said. "There was a razor blade in there that I could have potentially put in my mouth and cut my mouth with."

The manager immediately inspected all the other salads and learned that an employee accidentally knocked the blade into the lettuce bin.

The Associated Press noted that Burger King said razor blades are not permitted near the food preparation areas and the employee has since been fired.

For her potentially-dangerous discovery, Ashley was given a free salad and refunded her money.

She said that she is not going to sue the fast-food chain, but hopes people are aware of what they are putting into their mouths at restaurants.



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