Arizona's San Juan fire slips past containment lines due to heavy winds

By Kyle Johnson,

The San Juan fire in Arizona's White Mountains slipped containment lines on Friday due to windy conditions, but firefighters hope to get it back under control on Saturday.

"The winds picked up and we did have a lot of movement on the fire," Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest spokeswoman Pamela Baltimore said. "The fire crossed containment lines to the east and west."

Officials have said that fire crews are still managing to keep the north area of the blaze contained, reports The Associated Press.

According to KWTX, the fire continues to grow, officials say, now officially double in size and burning through eight square miles.

With containment temporarily broken, residents near the eastern Arizona fire have begun evacuating. The Red Cross opened up a temporary shelter as nearly 90 structures lie in the path of the San Juan fire.

Sgt. Richard Guinn, Apache County Sheriff's spokesman, said that about 200 people left the area ahead of the mandatory evacuation orders in Red Cabin Ranch, Green's Peak Hideaway and Hidden Meadows.



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