Astronauts watch (and play!) soccer from outer space

By Allison Rubenstein,

If you think astronauts in outer space are too preoccupied to watch the 2014 World Cup, think again.

United States astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson, and German astronaut Alexander Gerst created a video message for all the teams in Brazil, wishing them a good luck and “peaceful games.” The three will be keeping up with the games from the International Space Station, located about 230 miles above Earth, as reported by NASA.

Hey, with no gravity, they’re not half bad!

And by the time they get back, they’ll have had plenty of time to perfect their skills. Expedition 40/41 crew members Wiseman and Gerst landed at the International Space Station on May 28, and are not expected back until November 2014. Swanson arrived on a different expedition and will return to Earth this September.

Another astronaut, Alexander Sjvortsov, is up in space during the World Cup for the second time, his first in 2010, according to Yahoo News.



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