Ben Affleck's Batman will get a solo movie in 2019 (Rumor)

By Daniel S Levine,

When Warner Bros.’ slate of DC Comics movies leaked last week, one thing was curiously missing - a new solo Batman movie. Surely, if they hired Ben Affleck to play the iconic character, they must be thinking about a solo movie with him? It turns out that they are, but we won’t see it until 2019.

The rumor that the a solo Batman movie is in the works comes from Latino Review, which somehow has the inside track on a lot of these superhero news items. The site was incorrect about Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale returning to the DC universe, but they’ve gotten a few Marvel scoops right.

Affleck’s solo Batman movie will be called The Batman, apparently taking cues from the animated series of the same name. Sources for Latino Review say that the studio is hoping to have the movie out in 2019.

The problem for Affleck in this whole situation is that he has to juggle his role as a superhero action star with his position as a filmmaker himself. He established himself with an acclaimed run of three directing efforts, culminating in a Best Picture Oscar win for Argo. The next project for him is supposed to be another Dennis Lehane adaptation, Live By Night. When we last heard about that film, it was pushed to 2016 because of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice production.

The DC slate that leaked showed that Warner has movies planned through 2018, with a Justice League movie following Dawn of Justice. There will also be a second Man of Steel movie in May 2018.

Who knows if this rumor is true, but we’ll find out soon enough. Comic Con starts next month.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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