‘Big Brother 16’ Episode 3 Recap

By Chris Howcroft,

The episode begins with the recently crowned Head of Households Frankie and Caleb inviting the rest of the houseguests up to see their new HOH bedroom. The rest of the house knows that they need to get on Frankie and Caleb’s good sides so they don’t become the first people to be nominated for eviction.

Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Frankie and Caleb are discussing the possibility of working together, which they predict no one in the house would ever see coming. They decide to work together but understand that they have to recruit people for an alliance. They bring in Derrick and Devin and decide to form an all-male alliance called “The Bomb Squad.” The purpose of this alliance is to eliminate the “floaters” from the game. They bring in Zach, who is immediately on board with the alliance. They recruit Cody who agrees but later says in the diary room that he is hesitant to join a serious alliance this early.

Christine and Nicole are becoming very close friends and they decide to work together since they feel like the “outsiders” in the house. Devin and Donny talk in the pantry and Donny has no knowledge that Devin has formed another alliance without him. Devin does some pretty good acting in order to convince Donny that he is loyal to him. Caleb and Frankie are debating who to nominate this week. They feel the best way to keep their “bomb squad” alliance a secret would be to nominate a guy and a girl on both sides this week. Some of the names they discussed were Victoria, Brittany and Hayden.

Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The first nomination ceremony of the summer is truly up in the air because it is so early in the game. Caleb makes his first two nominations followed by Frankie. Frankie is trying his best to “keep blood off his hands” with his nominations. Caleb nominates Donny and Paola for eviction. Caleb says he based his nominations on the first guy and girl eliminated in the first HOH competition. Frankie nominates Victoria and Brittany for eviction. Frankie said he based his nominations on the first two people eliminated in the second HOH competition. Victoria is devastated she was nominated and feels betrayed by Frankie. Frankie pulls Victoria aside and promises her that she is not going home this week. Victoria does not trust him at all and hopes to turn the tables on him.

Devin reveals to Amber and Christine about the “bomb squad” alliance. They are both stunned and Devin goes up and tells Caleb that they need to bring in two girls to the alliance and that he has actually already told Amber and Christine about it. He brings in the two girls and Caleb really has no choice but to let them be in the alliance. The rest of the alliance is told about the addition of the two girls and they don’t seem as excited about the idea. Devin continues his attempts to control the alliance by talking with Frankie and Zach about how he is worried about Donny. He feels that Donny is stronger than he is letting on and they should really worry about him. Frankie feels that Devin is overreacting and reveals in the diary room that Devin is a mess and needs to calm down and get it together.

Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The first ever Battle of the Block competition takes place at the “Big Brother Bash.” The idea of the competition is they are swinging back and forth and have to transfer champagne from a fountain, transfer it to your teammate and fill up the vase. Brittany and Victoria win a close competition, removing themselves from the nomination block as well as ending Frankie’s HOH.

Donny and Paola remain on the nomination block, knowing that the Power of Veto is their last chance to survive the week.



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