‘Big Brother 16’ Season Premiere: Part 2

By Chris Howcroft,

Big Brother 16 kicked off Wednesday Night with the first of a two-night season premiere in which the first eight houseguests entered the house and the first HOH of the season was crowned in Franke. They were also told that eight more people will be entering the house and another HOH will be crowned.

Julie Chen revealed to the final eight houseguests that the other eight people were already inside the house and that an HOH has already been crowned. She informed them that at the end of the night there will be two HOH’s and that at the end of the week there will only be one HOH.

The next four people to enter the house are Jocasta, a minister from Georgia; Christine, a barista from Arizona; Caleb, a hunting guide from Kentucky and Hayden, a pedicab driver from California. The final four people to enter the house are Derrick, a police sergeant from Rhode Island, Zach, a recent graduate from the University of Florida; Victoria, a photographer from Florida and Brittany, an event coordinator from California. The first eight houseguests meet and introduce themselves to the final eight houseguests. The houseguests all appear to be friendly but they are already talking strategy and discussing who they don’t like in the BB “Diary Room.”

Frankie and Victoria hit it off right away. Frankie realizes that he needs to find someone from the second group of eight houseguests that he can trust. He tells Victoria that she should win HOH. Caleb and Paola are talking casually and realize now that everyone is just being nice right now and how the entire house is feeling each other out between the two different groups of people.

The second group of eight head outside to the backyard to play in the second HOH competition. The competition is called “Over the Coals.” The concept is they have to hold on to a BBQ spit while rotating over fire. The last one holding to the spit becomes the second HOH. Victoria is the first HG eliminated. The spit starts rotating faster and they start getting sprayed with BBQ sauce. Brittany and Jocasta are the next two eliminated. Zach, Christine and Derrick all fall off which leaves Hayden and Caleb as the final two on the spit. Hayden finally drops and Caleb becomes the second HOH of the summer.

Julie reveals that every week two HOH’s will be crowned every week. Each HOH will nominate two houseguests for eviction, which means four people will be in danger every week. A new competition is being introduced this season called “The Battle of the Block.” Frankie’s nominees will battle Caleb’s nominees and the winning team will come off the eviction block and will dethrone the HOH who nominated them. I will admit this is a crazy twist that should make this season pretty exciting and unpredictable.

The show ends with Julie revealing the first person of the TeamAmerica alliance, the three-person alliance that will be controlled by America. Joey is the first HG chosen to be apart of this alliance. They have to perform secret missions and tasks chosen by the viewers and every mission they complete they each get $5,000 dollars.

Big Brother airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Thursdays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 8 p.m. This Sunday night will feature the first ever Battle of the Block competition!

image courtesy of Lisette M. Azar/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc



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