Bill Gates awards $100,000 to new Australian condom design

By Jorie Goins,

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded $100,000 to researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia to create a condom with increased sensation.

According to The Huffington Post, the competition, which was announced last March, sought to award the best "testable hypothesis" for a "next generation condom" that "significantly enhances or preserves pleasure," according to Slate.

The logic behind this grant is that people will be more likely to use condoms if they improve rather than diminish pleasure. The foundation hopes that this will increase birth control and decrease disease, especially in developing countries, according to The Business Insider. The model designed by the University of Wollongong is to be made of tough hydrogels which can be made to more closely simulate the feeling of human skin and be able to self lubricate.

Since the condom is not made out of latex it will also be suitable for those with latex allergies. The material is also very durable and will not break as easily as latex.

Dr. Robert Gorkin, a Biomedical Engineer and project lead at the University of Wollongong told The Business Insider that he looks forward to having "dialogue with people in those areas to look at social and cultural aspects for design that could be incorporated into prototypes and products." He also said that he hopes to make a "genuine impact on the health and wellbeing of people worldwide."

image via Famous/ACE/INFphoto.com



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