Bomb explodes at a college in Nigeria

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

A bomb exploded at a public health college in Nigeria on Monday, killing eight students.

"People were shouting 'Get out! It's a bomb!" said student Aishatu Musa, according to the Associated Press. Musa ran, as did a number of other students.

The bomb exploded on the grounds of the School of Hygiene in Kano, the second largest city in Nigeria. The bombing left a gruesome scene around the school. There were body parts, destroyed vehicles, and pools of blood.

There were both fatalities and injuries at the site. "So far 20 were taken to hospital and of that eight have been confirmed dead," Kano state police chief Aderele Shinaba told journalists at the scene, according to The Economic Times.

Authorities are still looking for the people who planned and executed the bombing. Islamic extremists are blamed, and police have detained one suspect for the bombing at this time. Some are asking if Boko Haram is to blame. The extremist group did not immediately claim responsibility, but Boko Haram often targets schools and Western medicine. Boko Haram recently claimed responsibility for kidnapping 200 Nigerian schoolgirls.



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