Boy fakes his own kidnapping to avoid dentist visit

By Michelle Kapusta,

Some people really hate going to the dentist, and a 12-year-old French boy proved that he would do almost anything to avoid it, including faking his own kidnapping.

According to The Local, police found the boy hiding in the Alpine village of St. Gervais on May 21. When questioned, the boy allegedly told the authorities that he had just escaped an abductor who snatched him from the town of Bagnols.

The boy allegedly gave a detailed description of his supposed captor. He claimed the perpetrator looked to be of European descent, was in his thirties, had a muscular build, stood about 5-foot 7-inches tall and had a scar on his cheek.

The youngster even told police that he was on his way to the dentist appointment when he was kidnapped.

He also described the car in which he was supposedly thrown into and said he was able to make his brave escape after the vehicle stopped in Saint Gervais.

After almost a month-long investigation, authorities could not figure out his story and grew suspicious. They questioned the boy further and he finally admitted that he made up the entire thing because he did not want to go to the dentist.



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