Brazil defeats Chile 3-2 in penalty kicks

By Robby Sabo,

The crowd patiently waited for a conclusion to today’s Brazil–Chile game in the round-of-16, and what they got was thrilling, as Brazil defeated Chile 3-2 in penalty-kicks. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil keeps the dramatics coming.

As thrilling an ending as a soccer-match could be.

At the 18’ mark, Brazil’s David Luiz struck first, according to CBSsports.com. Chile was quick to answer though as Alexis Sanchez put one home at the 32’ mark.

From this point onward, constant chaos ensued as each team saw chances to score. Chile’s Mauricio Pinilla pinged the ball off the crossbar around the 120’ (extra-time). The 30 minutes of extra-time could not keep the game from going to penalty kicks, as both teams could only muster one-goal aside.

Chile found themselves in desperate times early in penalty kicks. Luiz of Brazil went first and easily scored. Pinilla, once again like the end of extra-time, could not get it passed Brazilian goalie Julio Cesar.

As Brazil missed their second kick, Chile was once again stuffed by Cesar. Incredibly, through four shots, only one goal was scored.

In Round 3, Brazil took a 2-0 lead as Marcelo put one past Claudio Bravo who actually got his hand on it. Chile responded though as they tied it up at two on goals by Charles Aranguiz and Marcelo Diaz, according to CNN.com.

With only one-shot to go it came down to Brazil’s Neymar, and he delivered with a beautiful stutter-step that faked out Bravo. Gonzalo Jara was needed to save Chile’s tournament, and millions witnessed the kick go off the post as Brazil escaped with the win.



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