British Royal Air Force intercepted Russian jets

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

The British Royal Air Force intercepted Russian jets in the Baltic region on Tuesday.

The British Royal Air Force was working with NATO. The Russian jets were involved in training exercises. The exercises occurred over the Baltic airspace, according to Gizmodo. Several jets were detected by the British Royal Air Force including a Tupolev 22 bomber, four Sukhoi Su27 fighters, a Beriev A50 early warning aircraft, and an Antonov An26 transport aircraft. RAF Typhoons were sent to intercept the Russian jets.

According to Inquisitr, Flight Lieutenant Mark Long said, “Today’s interception of the Russian Flankers [SU27 fighters] is all in a day’s work for an RAF fighter pilot.”

The U.K. jets moved the planes away from NATO airspace. The air command that took responsibility for the mission said it was a success.

The NATO forces acted calmly. The encounters have not been seen as dangerous. The increase in Russian jets in the airspace happened after the annexation of Crimea. NATO planes are continuing to monitor, and might intercept more jets in the future.



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