Bryan Cranston to reprise role as Walter White in 'Better Call Saul'

By Chris Hayes,

Breaking Bad fans rejoice: Bryan Cranston will play Walter White once again in AMC’s upcoming series Better Call Saul.

As Cranston teased earlier this week, he will reprise his role as the suburban-dad-turned-meth-kingpin in AMC’s Breaking Bad spinoff. An unnamed source has informed the online tabloid HollywoodLife.com that Walt will “definitely” return “in some way, shape, or form” on the new show.

Image: INFEvents

The new series will present a lighter-hearted look at the life of criminal lawyer Saul Goodman – portrayed by Bob Odenkirk – before he became involved with Walt’s drug empire.

However, Walt’s fate remains as uncertain today as it was after Breaking Bad’s stunning finale. When asked if Cranston’s reappearance means that Walt survived the series’ final showdown, the source stated that they “wouldn’t be able to answer that”. The new prequel series presents “the possibility of flashbacks or flash-forwards,” so it is entirely possible that Walt’s fate was sealed at Breaking Bad’s conclusion. Whatever the case, HollywoodLife’s source promises that Cranston’s appearance will be more than an over-hyped cameo. “They won’t do it as a gimmick, it will actually mean something when they do it,” they assured us.

What’s more, this news lends credence to rumors that co-star Aaron Paul will reprise his breakout role as Walt’s parter-in-crime Jesse Pinkman. Paul revealed in March that he was in serious talks with series creator Vince Gilligan to return as Jesse in Better Call Saul. With so many Breaking Bad characters, writers, and locations reappearing, it’s hard to imagine that Jesse will not do the same.

We can look forward to finding out much more when Better Call Saul premieres this November.



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