Burglar forgets to log off Facebook from his victim's computer

By Elizabeth Learned,

One of the first rules of burglary, besides not to do it, probably should be not to log onto your Facebook account from your victim’s computer. That is exactly what a Minnesota man did after he broke into someone’s home.

According to WCCO, when homeowner James Wood came back to his house, he found that it was completely ransacked and among the items missing were his cash and credit cards. He reportedly said, “I started to panic. But then I noticed he had pulled up his Facebook profile.”

The man, Nicholas Wig, had left some of his items at the home, so Wood left a post on Wig’s wall, even offering his cell phone number so someone could give him information on the suspected burglar. Surprisingly, Wig texted Wood back.

After setting up a meeting to return Wig’s clothes in exchange for his stolen items, Wood spotted the man on the street and called the police when he recognized him from his profile.

The break-in occurred south of Minneapolis in Dakota County, ABC News reported. A spokesperson for the county’s Attorney’s Office said, “This is a first case in Dakota County in which a suspected burglar left his Facebook profile on the computer screen of the victim’s computer.”

Wig faces a charge of second degree burglary and could spend time in prison for 10 years. He was wearing a watch he had stolen from Wood’s home when he was arrested.



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