Burglar was inside Sandra Bullock’s home for over an hour

By Alina Tichacek,

Alleged burglar Joshua James Corbett was inside Sandra Bullock’s Los Angeles home for more than an hour before police were called on Sunday.

It’s frightening enough to find an uninvited stranger sneaking around your home, but it’s even worse to realize that stranger had been there so long without being noticed.

Corbett, 39, entered Bullock’s home at about 5 a.m., but police were not called until 6:30 a.m., reported CNN. Corbett has been charged with multiple felony counts for residential burglary, stalking and possession of a machine gun.

Considering the quality of Bullock’s security, which is revered as the best in Hollywood, it would have required an extremely thorough knowledge of her home and habits to be able to break in. This further substantiates claims that the intruder had an unhealthy obsession with Bullock, thereby strengthening stalking charges.

If convicted, Corbett faces a maximum sentence of seven years and four months in prison. During his court appearance on Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty, and his bond was set at $185,000.

Image via Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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