California live-in nanny who refused to leave employer's residence disappears

By Elizabeth Learned,

A California live-in nanny who refused to leave the residence after she was fired has since disappeared. She reportedly left the home Thursday morning and hasn’t been seen since.

According to ABC News, homeowner Marcella Bracamonte made a statement to them saying, “She left around 7 a.m. yesterday morning and she never came back. I have no idea where she goes. I don’t know what happened.”

In March of this year, Bracamonte and her husband, Ralph, hired Diane Stretton to watch their three children, ages 11 to 1, but she stopped working. They had originally agreed that in return for room and board, Stretton would be hired to help take care of the children and to do chores around the house.

Stretton refused to sign a 30-day notice to move out of the home when approached by the Bracamontes and threatened to sue them for elder abuse.

According to USA Today, Bracamonte had said Stretton claimed to have obstructive pulmonary disease, which prevented her from working. They had put her on notice twice this month before finally firing her.

The police also reportedly didn’t get involved since it was a civil matter.

Reportedly, Diane Stretton has a history in which she filed lawsuits in the past and since she has so many suits that did not go through, she is listed as a "vexatious litigant" in California.



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