California woman arrested for spraying young child in face with pesticide

By Kyle Johnson,

A San Luis Obispo, California woman was arrested on Wednesday night after she allegedly sprayed her neighbor's 7-year-old child in the face with a deadly pesticide.

Julie Wilhelmina Rodenhuis was arrested by police who responded to a report about someone assaulting a child in an apartment complex, reports the San Luis Obispo Tribune. The child was said to be playing outside shortly before getting hit with the pesticide by the women.

Police are currently looking into why the 60-year-old might have felt compelled to spray poisonous pesticide into a child's face, Grover Beach Police Department Cmdr. John Peters said.

He added that the 7-year-old is expected to make a full recovery and has already been released from the hospital. Emergency personnel and family members quickly treated the child at the scene.

According to KWTX, Rodenhuis is being held on $100,000 bail and was arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and battery with serious injury.



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