Canadian television producer is hoping to create transgender television series

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

One television producer from Vancouver, Canada, is trying to push transgender representation with the creation of her own series titled The Switch.

Amy Fox has been listening to all of the chatter that has come about concerning transgender representation in the media, and has decided to take her own stand with the production of this comedy series, which will feature transgender characters played primarily by transgender actors, reports Bustle. This would be the first show to do as such, and truly focus on the issues transgender people face on a day-to-day basis.

The kickstarter project has so far earned $18,641 Canadian dollars, which is $17,327.57 in U.S. dollars, of its $50,000 goal. The description of the project insists that this is not about creating a successful show, but instead “tearing down a wall,” in the media.

Fox says that within the show, “We talk about dating while trans. We talk about trans issues cutting across generations and class lines. And above all else, we show trans people not as being isolated, but as forming strong communities both within and with cisgender allies.”

One goal Fox had about the series was to create a show in the year 2015 that wouldn't exist until 2030. It is time to push the lines for equal representation, and Fox has a way to do so.



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