Casey Kasem remains unburied due to family feud

By Madeline Smith,

Legendary radio announcer Casey Kasem passed away June 15, but remains unburied due to family drama.

Kasem had wished to be buried in Glendale, California, but his body remains in Washington State. Kasem’s daughter, Kerri, said that the problem lies with her stepmother, Jean Kasem, according to ABC News .

“As soon as he became ill enough where he couldn’t pick up the phone or walk to get into the car... she cut him off. The driver wasn’t allowed to drive him anywhere," Kerri said. "I talked to her twice on the phone but I haven’t seen her in fifteen years. I don’t know her."

The rift between Kasem’s children and his wife could be the issue that is keeping the burial from taking place. The Daily Mail reported Kerri speculated that her stepmother was delaying the burial because of suspicions of an investigation on whether she abused her former husband.

Kasem’s children believe their stepmother moved with their father to Washington State to keep the family apart.

Kasem passed away at 82 after being placed in hospice care due to dementia.

Image courtesy of Walter McBride/INFphoto.com.



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